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  • Contacts

    Multi-line showrooms, associations and tradeshows, lawyers and financial advisors - this will save you 100's of hours of research.

  • Trade Show and Industry calendar

    Get an up to date list of all trade shows and indsutry events.

  • Community

    Enrollment in my private Facebook community for like-minded Fashion Empire builders driven to realize their full potential as entrepreneurs.

Your Coach

Daniella Platt

Sales rockstar, best connector, Communications & Brand Strategist Daniella Platt links arms with brands on the full spectrum of business development. Seeing a product, Daniella sees its potential. Through her consultancy, Looking Good YAYA!, she offers conceptual marketing ideas and puts strategies into action. Like a primary doctor, LGY leverages the consultancy's relationships with "specialists" to give brands visibility and an edge.

Past clients include

Make critical decisions for your brand with industry expertise at your fingertips, save yourself 100's of hours of time figuring it out on your own.